Storage Supplies at Storage Unlimited

Ran out of moving boxes before all your items were packed? Need more tape? Realized you forgot your lock once you were already at our storage facility? Storage Unlimited offers all these storage supplies and more in our office on Route 54 East in Clinton IL. We can help you store with our wide range of storage units, and we offer all the moving supplies you need to assist with the packing process. Stop in our office at Storage Unlimited in Clinton IL today!

We are right up the road from Kiwanis Park as you drive east toward Birkbeck. Make Storage Unlimited your nearby storage solution!

Self Storage Supplies Storage Unlimited Offers:

  • Tape Dispensers
  • Tape Dispenser with Tape
  • Packing Tape
  • Mattress Covers (full and twin)
  • Sofa Covers
  • Boxes (sm, med, lg, xl)
  • Locks (single disc, 2 pk disc, combo disc)

To take the best care of your items throughout storage, talk with our storage professionals about the items you will storing. They can help you find the supplies you need to keep everything dry and fresh. For example, mattresses and upholstered furniture need covers do keep off any dust so minimal cleanup is required to pull them out of storage to use them again. Double check with our experts to ensure you do not miss out on an essential protection for one of your items.

Once you get all your boxes, tape, and other moving supplies, it is time to find the right self storage unit to hold all your belongings. Storage Unlimited has two nearby storage facilities in De Witt and Clinton IL to serve local residents and businesses. We have cost-efficient storage options as well as storage units up to more than 450 square feet to handle large projects. Ready to get started with Storage Unlimited? You can rent or reserve your storage unit online today!