Small Storage Unit Tips
August 28, 2020

Storage Unit Sizes Explained: Is A Small Storage Unit The Unit for You?

Storage Unlimited has a variety of storage units to choose from; how do you know which storage unit is the right one for you? Our Clinton IL and Dewitt IL storage units provide the answers to furniture storage, moving houses, and even RV and boat storage. When storing your personal and business belongings a storage unit can help you keep organized and our size guide below can help too. Determine if a small storage unit is a solution for you or if you need to go larger.

Size Guide: Small Storage Unit

5×5 & 5×10 Storage Units

Storing a few items? A small storage unit is ideal for storing a few boxes or a small piece of furniture or two. This size storage unit is comparable to a walk in closet at your home. Free up your space around the house with a small storage unit for your extra items. Businesses may also take advantage of this size storage unit for extra inventory or document storage.

10×15 & 10×20 Storage Units

Rent a storage unit with enough square footage to store your furniture and a box or two. Medium storage spaces are great for helping college students store in between semesters and preparing your home for an open house. Move the packed boxes to storage so your guests can easily see why your home is the one to purchase.

10×30 Storage Units & Parking Spaces

Storage Unlimited has options for every move including your large storage needs. Our large storage units provide enough space to store everything from your home or business and even your vehicle storage needs. Our parking spaces in Dewitt IL are great for parking the RV or boat.

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Storage Unlimted has contactless storage rentals available online now. For your convenience rent storage units on the go from your phone, or while you are put the last items in boxes at home.